Elevate your sponsors,
in your own dedicated festival app.

Sponsors and brand activations are an important part of most live events and festivals. So embedding them into your app is the only logical and future-proof thing to do.

The Appmiral solutions are built to improve your sales strategies by creating new or expanding existing sponsorship deals.


of Millennials is spending more money on live events than ever before.

Festival Insights

10 min.

is spent on average in each session a user starts in our festival applications.

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show purchase intent from brands sponsoring a visited festival.

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Is your event ready for the full digital enablement that is coming?

Your audience is expecting technology of the highest standards comparing each mobile app they use to billion Dollar companies like Instagram, Uber or Netflix.

But be aware, your sponsors and brands are expecting that same level of quality when connecting their brand to your live event – and they should.

Appmiral festival apps come in 3 sizes: IMPROVE, EXTEND and AUGMENT. Basic sponsorship integrations are foreseen in all 3 tiers, the higher tiers accompany advanced features and more engaging sponsorship opportunities.

Standard sponsorship integrations

Make new digital sponsorship deals

These kinds of sponsor integrations are a straight-forward way of embedding sponsoring brands into your app experience. Both operating systems (iOS & Android) do require a different approach and placeholders in the app. The idea is simple – give sponsors visual presence every time the festival app gets opened or used.

iOS – partner logo embedded on the splash page
Android – partner logo embedded in the menu drawer

Add branded interactive cards in your feed

We introduced interactive cards to our apps in 2015. Both for the organization and the sponsors, this has proven to be the best way to communicate and interact smartly with festival visitors.

The festival apps are intelligent and context-aware – for instance, in knowing that users’ needs differ in the periods before, during and after the festival. Your sponsored campaigns can use this same contextuality to help you reach visitors when and where it counts.

Send pushes and engage with your visitors

When done right, push notifications can enrich a sponsoring campaign and boost traffic towards it. We allow brands to customize both the card in the feed and its corresponding notification.

An optional module can be added to the event app, enabling you to segment your communication based on the audiences’ current and even historic location.

Advanced sponsorship integrations

Customise your map directly from the CMS

Using our dynamic, geo-accurate and user-friendly maps, your audience can explore the festival grounds in a whole new way. We’ve foreseen that your teams can build on this user experience by customising the visual representation of own and sponsor POI’s on your map, directly managed from the CMS.

We see these type of maps as an ideal tool to gather data, further understand visitor engagement and boost sales/consumption.

Sell your virtual space to brands

Augmented reality is new to the Appmiral family as from 2018. This great new technology opens up a whole new world – and accompanying opportunities. Adding AR to the map functionality enables your visitors to find their friends by simply scanning their camera over the festival grounds.

Let a partner claim this great new experience by embedding their name and logo on a dedicated additional welcome screen or by embedding their 3D logo in your virtual space.

Download the sponsorship whitepaper

Sponsors support the success of your event – so it only makes sense to give them some digital stage time in your festival app too.

Check out our guide explaining more on these in-app sponsorships filled with interesting use cases of last festival seasons.

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