10 reasons to choose Appmiral as your next festival app


Here’s an overview of the many opportunities a festival app will give you. It’s not a nice-to-have anymore but simply a need-to-have

Maybe we should start a bit earlier in the thinking process here… The first step is – of course – making the decision to offer your visitors a mobile alternative to your festival website and social media platforms. This to keep them informed on whatever festival content you’re spreading or festival marketing you’re doing.

OK , so do I need a native mobile application for my festival/event then?

Only 1 answer to this question – YES, YOU DO. And here’s why:

  • about 90% of the people visiting your event/festival will be younger than 35 years old, and behold of their high digital expectations
    (this is the Millenial generation and rising generation Z, who check their smartphone the first thing in the morning when opening their eyes)
  • it’s time to get your audience attention back on your own monetized channel
    (every minute your audience is spending on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … – they will be targetted with (competitive) ads not monetized by you)
  •  elevate your user experience when sending (relevant) push notifications
    (once they get in the car/train/bike/…  towards your event, push messages are the only interactive way of engaging with your audience)

Now we’ve got this issue out of the way, let’s move on and start searching towards the best provider of these mobile applications. Allow us to help you by explaining to you why Appmiral is worth your consideration.

10 reasons why Appmiral is considered the best festival app

  1.  budget-friendly because we’ve installed a framework approach that is being reused in a modular way among our clients
  2.  100% customized to your event/festival identity (fonts, logo’s, patterns, buttons, tone-of-voice, …)
  3.  we do most of the work (design, build, submit) – making it easy-to-deploy for your teams
  4. we give you access (and a 1hr training) to  the Appmiral CMS to fire up all the content in the application
  5.  Appmiral is the only app builder that offers a powerful and contextual newsfeed 
  6.  our solution will trigger personal content (performance suggestion or music suggestion cards) when linking Facebook or Spotify
  7.  100% GDPR ready 
  8. on top of the Appmiral foundation, each client can choose between several additional modules to fit their needs (ticket, cashless, AR, Location intelligence, RSS, …)
  9. we’ve embedded many non-intrusive ways of incorporating your sponsors and partners in the app (the app has to become a revenue stream, NOT A COST)
  10. best user experience, simply because we keep approaching Android and iOS as 2 separate interfaces (more work for us but happier users!)

If all the above hasn’t convinced you enough on our approach, feel free to contact us for a personal demo. We would love to explain to you our entire solution in just 30 minutes.