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We are 100% focused on helping you as a music festival organizer to drive visitor experience.


Our solutions will enable you and your team to better serve your audience and sponsors, responsible for your main revenue streams.

9 years
of building festival apps
applications delivered
21 countries
visited so far
music enthusiasts serviced

Don't just take our word for it...

155.000 unique visitors

“Appmiral isn’t just an app – we use it as a fully-fledged communication tool. It enables us to notify visitors of urgent events, in real time. And it gives our partners the opportunity to be a part of our festival experience.”

125.000 unique visitors

“Meet Pukkelpop, one of our loyal clients who is always up for creating new next-generation experiences for its attendees. This video shows you around our solution and most valuable features for your visitors.”

Our solution as your foundation…

Frontstage + Backstage

While your audience enjoys a mobile app filled with personalized content (and perfectly tailored to your event’s look and feel), your teams get access to our easy-to-use CMS to add and update content.

... to support the next-gen
festival and event experience.

Automated content

By integrating with parties like Instagram or Spotify, the newsfeed will be filled with visual content and personal recommendations – fully automatically.   And for each user, we’ll also
 add unique, engaging cards to the mix!

Augmented Reality

We’re taking our interactive maps to a whole new level. Using recent AR innovations, we’ve added three useful new features.

Share your location

Find a friend

Find a POI

Location intelligence

We’ve integrated our apps with Colocator, the world’s leading platform for real-time mobile location data, from Crowd Connected. Colocator enables:

Real-time audience insights

Supercharged location-based marketing

Unbeatable sponsor reporting

Enhanced crowd safety and security

Find the plan that's right for you

Some things a festival app can’t live without! These features are our Appmiral Foundation, included in every plan.

Personal timetable
Line-up overview
Artist detail pages
Intelligent newsfeed
Practical info pages
Sponsor integrations
Unlimited push notifications
Interactive cards
Automated content
Synchronised timetable data
Music streaming integration
Static map upload
100% offline availability
Available in 6 languages
In-app webviews


Appmiral Foundation

All the essential features for the
 sharpest price.

€ 3.500

Ideal for small and mid-sized events.


Appmiral Foundation

Dynamic map

Help your visitors find their way (to the beer). The geo-accurate map leads them straight to every stage or POI.

€ 6.900

Perfect for mid-sized and large events.


Appmiral Foundation

Dynamic map

Augmented Reality

Embrace innovation by adding an 
extra layer of awesome to your app.

€ 11.500

Fits all events eager to stand out.

New sponsorship opportunities

Appmiral facilitates festival organizers to embed their sponsors into the app. Sponsors support the success of your event – so it only makes sense to give them some digital stage time too.

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