Case study: Pukkelpop

Jul 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

Meet Belgian-based festival Pukkelpop, one of our most loyal and innovative clients. In this case study, you’ll find out how we’ve raised the experience bar for their visitors.

In 2018, together with our partner Proximus (Belgium’s biggest TelCo), we raised the bar when it comes to driving the user experience at a festival. Besides the usual interactive map, we’ve added a new dimension of awesomeness – so-called ‘Augmented Reality’ – to the map functionality.

Pukkelpop knows as no other the importance of creating great content. They go the extra mile for this in order to boost their download ratio. The philosophy behind this effort is simple, next year a higher download rate will leverage their sponsorship teams to make better deals.

Augmented Reality in the festival app

Visitors were not only able to find their friends in AR but also locate all kinds of POI’s (places of interest) in this digital space. Here’s a list of the most tracked actions: finding stages, finding restaurants, or just as simple to find the nearby toilets when dancing your heart out at the main stage, …

This great new technology opened up a whole new world – and accompanying opportunities. We’ve added the Proximus 3D logo just a few meters before their activation booth.

3D art in Augmented Reality

Together with the Belgian Museum group called SMAK, we’ve added a dozen of artworks in a customised and branded 3D frame at their Art installations in virtual space. Each POI was tappable and gave you a full explanation on the specific piece of art. How cool is that?