How to service the upcoming generation of young festival goers

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As technology – and all kinds of innovation – keeps racing on, we are closely witnessing the emergence of Generation Z, the world’s first generation of true digital natives.

A brief introduction on Generation Z

This is a part of the population that is used to having the world at their fingertips, constantly connected to their hyper-speed Internet. The first things these guys ask when entering a hotel is the Wifi-code, not ‘Where’s the swimming pool?” Their lives tethered to tech feels as natural to them as breathing.

Our 2019 festival analytics are backing up these predictions, and pointing out more clearly than ever before, that festival audiences worldwide appreciate and prefer events (and brands) that support their experiences also digitally with a mobile application.

Let me give you a few key takeaways of this so-called ‘Gen Z’ that is rapidly becoming the biggest chunk of (probably) your audience:

  • under 22 years of age
  • 1st generation of true mobile natives
  • constantly connected to high-speed internet = normal
  • tech feels as natural as breathing
  • early adopters of new technologies and innovations
  • a smartphone is not a tool but a digital extension of themselves
  • a typical day exists of watching 68 videos on at least 5 different platforms

Challenge or opportunity for your event?

Well, let’s call it a massive opportunity with some fierce challenges along the way. These are the opportunities that we see (so far) :

  • Gen Z is open to hearing from brands (eg. your sponsors)
  • Facebook isn’t the best way to connect/engage with them anymore
  • An ‘uncluttered’ channel linked to their favorite time-spending thing called festivals stands out
  • Originality matters, posting that same content on all your platforms is not liked at all. You’d better stand out with your own app 😉

Want to hear more about how our festival application can help you serve these digital experience hunters? Get in touch with our sales team and get a tailor-made quote for your event.