Supercharge your app with location intelligence


Our partnership with UK-based Crowd Connected has been flourishing for over 3 festival seasons now, this collaboration is leading to an ever-more added value for our clients by embedding their solution in our products. 

Crowd Connected’s multi-award winning Colocator software uses patented techniques to intelligently gather, process, and analyse location data from mobile phones.

Colocator turns this rich stream of location data into real-time intelligence, empowering effective customer understanding and engagement, resulting in following services:

  • real-time audience insights (heatmap overviews and personalized dashboards on specific locations)
  • location-based messaging (by using geo-fencing technology)
  • proximity marketing (a great tool to boost your sponsorship department)
  • next-gen reporting potential based on gathered location data
  • enhanced crowd safety and security

The power of location-based messaging

The importance of communicating and informing your festival audience beforeduring and after the event is crystal clear. Our newsfeed is the ideal place to deliver this content but an ‘additional’ or ‘stand-alone’ push notification can add that extra touch of ‘crispness’. That’s why pushes have proven the ideal way of engaging – especially during the event – but the obvious problem is that not every push is relevant to an event’s entire audience. Targeting communications using both, current and historic location profiles, allow our clients to add a new depth to messaging campaigns, improving the overall experience for visitors and sponsors.

If you believe this type of technology can take your event to the next level as well, time to get in touch with our sales team.