The story behind ‘THE APPMIRAL’


Once upon a time in Antwerp…

Appmiral was launched in 2010 as a joint venture between the 2 Antwerp-based companies November Five and the event organiser specialist Zanzibar. At that moment in time, building mobile applications was not the same as it is today.

5 operating systems to cover most of the audience

Our developers needed to master no less than 5 different operating systems in order to cover the total audience.

Once upon a time in Belgium

A rock-star company should have a rock-star identity no?

A company filled with some of the best young development talents in Belgium – and probably far outside – working for some of the most awesome music festivals in the world, simply should have a corresponding kick-ass identity.

That’s where the wicked design crew from Cowboys and Indians (nowadays better known as November Five) probably created their most outrageous and out-of-the-box – yet so damn cool – branding for our beloved company. Check out how our website looked like in 2011 and get to understand where our story began!

Step into a time machine and visit the Appmiral website back in 2011!