Warhola ‘live’ at Appmiral HQ


Rule n°1 when you want to stand out … think out-of-the-box.  Just the perfect challenge for a festival like Pukkelpop.

When launching the application for the 2018 season, we’ve hosted and streamed a live session exclusively accessible from the Pukkelpop application. What more reason do you need to download the app??

The rising Belgian band ‘Warhola’ created a memorable moment by bringing 2 of their hit songs in the middle of our office building. Let’s say that we haven’t produced much code that day after being overwhelmed by the great performance and pure talent Olivier Symons showcased.

Especially keep listening for song #2 that he’s performing … as you can see – our team was staggered by the pure beauty of it.

A higher download rate will leverage your sponsor deals next year

It’s important that your app gets a high download rate. The more visitors that download the app, the more you are able to communicate and engage with them.

A high download rate will also give your marketing/sponsors teams that extra piece of leverage when negotiating or closing better deals. 

Here are the 3 success factors:

🎖 Consistency in promotion of the app before the event

  • Add a promo image for downloads on your website (frontpage)
  • Make consistent promo on social media about the app
  • Explain the benefits of the app (create video content)

🎖  Add (exclusive) content in your app

  • Announce content (artists, tickets, …) earlier in the app than on other channels
  • Make content pieces like interviews, competitions, surveys only accessible from within the app
  • Link your Instagram account to the CMS so there a constant stream of new updates within the feed

🎖  Keep doing promo at the festival grounds

  • Make signing to promote downloads (with QR code linked to App Stores) at the entrances, campings, info points, …
  • Activate that ‘Word of Mouth’ by sending relevant pushes.
    “Hey, why don’t I know this? – I don’t know, I’ve got this from the app.”